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Advantages of a Compound Bow over Traditional Bows

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"Advantages of a Compound Bow over Traditional Bows"
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The compound bow has revolutionized the art and sport of archery. Traditional bows such as the recurve and the longbow have served their purposes over the centuries and are still used today. However, the advantages of the compound bow over the traditional bows has made them grow in popularity. Here we will look at the advantages of the compound bow over traditional bows.

The Long Bow

The long bow gets its name from its design. It is long, usually around the height of the person drawing it. This allows the archer to have a long draw. The average arrow shot with a long bow , has a length of approximately 30 inches. The limbs of the bow are narrow and long, thus making them D-shaped in the cross section. Long bows are made from a single piece of natural wood and are simple and capable of taking down game as large as an elephant or a buffalo. They have been used over the centuries in warfare and for hunting by many such as Native North American Tribes, South American Tribes, Arabs, the English and many other cultures.

The Recurve Bow

The recurve bow, like the long bow is also long in it's design. It is also made from wood. However, they tend to be made from wood in more humid or dry climates than the long bow. Generally they are not as long as the long bow. In addition, the recurve bow's ends (tips)curve back unto themselves, away from the archer. This allows the bow to produce and store more energy than a long bow of the same length. The recurve bow has proved to be a more suitable bow than the long bow for hunters on horseback or in woods, brush, or dense forests. It's shorter length with more power than the longbow makes it more maneuverable in such areas.

The Compound Bow

The compound bow is a modern bow, which has a more mechanical design. It is also the shortest of the bow family, thus more manageable to carry and draw. Unlike the flexibility of traditional bows, like the long bow or recurve, the compound bow has limbs which are more stiff. Instead of being made from a single piece of wood, the compound bow is made of composite materials. The string doesn't attach to the tips like traditional bows. Instead, the bow is mechanically designed, with a cable and pulley system. This allows a higher draw weight than the traditional bows.

The Advantages of The Compound Bow over Traditional Bows

The compound bow is shorter and easier to carry, whether strapped to your back, in a case, or holding it on horseback. The bow is more manageable when shooting from obstructed areas such as from a tree or in the brush. The crossbow has a heavier draw weight for it's size, thus making it more powerful and it's shooting distance farther than traditional bows. The compound bow also prevails over accuracy. The design of the bow with the pulley and cable systems allows the archer to use a mechanical release instead of their fingers, thus creating a more accurate and consistent shot. The bows cams can be adjusted, therefore changing the acceleration to accommodate the archer. For example, beginners will often use a softer cam, while a professional or more experienced archer will use a harder came, therefore causing more speed. The advantages of the compound bow over traditional bows has caused it's ever increasingly Popularity.

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