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Basketball is a game of, if nothing else, quick-thinking. You have to know where everyone is and what your job is. You need a heightened awareness. You need to get pumped up.

Nothing clears your head like a good warm up song. It gets you out on the court with adrenaline already pumping so you won't be sluggish when the game starts. The song has to be exciting, loud, and cocky.

Another big part of the warm up song: it better make the crowd anticipate the game. It better make them so excited they scream before the game even starts. Here are my picks for best pre-game songs.

1. Remember the Name- Fort Minor The beat is so quick and the pace so fast that it alone makes you want to get out and play ball. The chorus is so inspiring it compliments the pure adrenaline that the beat and music infuses in you, it makes you want to give all you got. Keep this one to yourself though, the mothers in the crowd might not appreciate some of the cursing going on.

2. Boom- P.O.D The driving guitar and bass is really exciting and gets you ready to go out and surprise your opponents. The chorus is like a smack in the face for your body and it makes you realize there's a game to play.

3. Let's get it Started- Black Eyed Peas I know that everyone thinks this is the best warm up song for basketball ever, and it deserves to be known like that, but we associate this song with basketball, thus, it's popular with basketball players. The reason is because the song was literally the theme song for the 2004 NBA Finals. I don't blame them for making it that way. The song's lyrics get you ready for the game and the beat is huge.

4. Money For Nothing- Dire Straits The building up of the sound helps the excite the listener tillit culminates in a great guitar solo that is so simple but distorted so it sounds amazing. Watch where you play this one though, not all ears are old enough for the lyrics.

5. Another One Bites the Dust- Queen The sheer simplicity of this one makes it invigorating. The bass helps to give the drive to play, but it's the lyrics that really make the song good. They make you feel like beating opponents is too easy.

Pre game songs are just as important as the inspirational speech by the coach and the roar of the crowd. They have become ingrained in the minds of fans and players and will always play a big part in basketball. These songs are guaranteed to get you ready to play and have your fans excited before the game even starts.

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