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Best Foods for Tailgating at a Nascar Race

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"Best Foods for Tailgating at a Nascar Race"
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What makes tailgating for NASCAR different from other sports, and why should there be special best foods for NASCAR tailgating? There are several reasons why NASCAR tailgating is special and why the foods should be too: Tailgating at NASCAR can be done with a very fancy camper, a beat up pick-up truck with a tailgate that really folds down, a compact car that does not even have a proper tailgate, and everything in between. The mode of transportation and availability of equipment dictates what you can bring or make to a certain degree, but there are still many options. Of course in a fully equipped camper you can bring anything you want, even caviar and champagne if you so desire.

However, NASCAR fans generally aren’t made of the caviar kind and champagne is usually reserved for victory lane. There are some good old stand-bys which are perfect for tailgaters who have a grill: hamburgers, hot dogs, and wings. Drinks are generally chosen by NASCAR fans according to who sponsors their favorite drivers. While Junior Nation used to bring Budweisers, they switched to Amp energy drinks when Budweiser went over to Kasey Kahne.

NASCAR fans more than any other fans are conscious of sponsors, so serving the beverage of their driver is important. Some other very popular beverages at NASCAR tailgating parties are Miller Lite, Gatorade, Pepsi, and Coke. While Pepsi has a long-standing backing of Jeff Gordon and the Coke drivers tend to remain the same, other drinks change. For example, Miller Lite used to sponsor Rusty Wallace, but then Kurt Busch was hired to drive the Blue Deuce, then Brad Keselowski took over.

There are also some other tailgating foods that NASCAR fans can serve to show their support of their driver’s sponsors. Some examples would be Ritz crackers. These can be served simply with cheese, or with peanut butter. Great for those who come in a small car packed with NASCAR fans and not a lot of room to spare for food and equipment.

Cereal as a tail gating food? Why not - again because of the sponsor connection. (for example Cheerios is a main sponsor). Besides, race days start early and for the die-hard fan who is up waiting to watch practice and qualifying, a bowl of cereal might be the perfect way to go. In addition, NASCAR tailgaters bring their kids, so bringing cereal is not a bad idea. Chips and Cheetos are good choices too, not just for the kids, but again because of the sponsor connection.

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