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Best Seats at Gillette Stadium

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Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, hosts a variety of events including football games and concerts. The best seats at Gillette Stadium ultimately depend upon what type of event you are attending and where the entertainment is centered on the field. The oval-shape of the stadium offers great seating from almost any perspective but there are some seating areas in Gillette Stadium that are more popular (and pricier) than others.

Without a doubt, the lower level seats from the 25 to 50 yard line are the highest rated seats at Gillette Stadium especially for football games. These seats are also known as premium seats and they are hard to come by. These hot seats are located in sections 108 – 111 on the Patriots home side and sections 130 – 133 on the visitor’s side.

Just above the premium seats are the club seating areas. While you are a little higher up and not as close to the field, the club seats give visitors to Gillette Stadium a good view of the field. Club seating that is in the middle include sections CL8- CL11. Sections CL6 and CL7 are closer to the Patriot Place Ramp and CL12 and CL13 are near the south end. On the visitor’s side, the ultimate club seating is found in sections CL-30 through CL33. Club seating offers a great view for concerts.

The seating at Gillette Stadium is broken down into 3 levels – level 100 which has those premium seats that are highly sought after by Patriots’ fans, level 200, and level 300. Level 100 has 38 rows of seating, level 200 has the clubhouse rows and 27 general rows, and level 300 has 26 rows which are at the top or above the other seating rows. All of the general seating seats have arm rests and cup holders.

For people with deep pockets, Gillette Stadium also offers two clubhouses that can hold about 3,000 people in each one. Clubhouse guests can watch the games from the comfort of seats provided within one of the two Clubhouses. Also available are the luxury suites and Super Suites. The suites have sliding windows to give members that stadium atmosphere while enjoying the game in luxury.

The Gillette Stadium opened in 2002 with a Grand Opening Monday Night Football game, Patriots vs. Steelers game on September 9, 2002. Even if you don’t have a premium seat at Gillette Stadium, there are two 48’ x 27’ HDTVs located above each end zone to view what you might have missed. When taking a bathroom break or visiting a concession, visitors can also stay up on the game displayed on over 1,000 monitors found throughout Gillette Stadium.


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