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Choosing a Jump Rope

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"Choosing a Jump Rope"
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How to choose the right jump rope for you

Single speed ropes, fitness and training speed ropes, single long handled speed ropes, single beaded ropes, single half cut beaded ropes, double Dutch speed ropes, double Dutch cloth ropes, double Dutch beaded ropes, are all types of jump ropes. After you have decided which kind, then you have to decide which size. There are a lot of choices to consider when choosing the right jump rope for you.

The first step in choosing the right jump rope, is to know which rope best suits your purpose. Each type of rope is made uniquely for a specific type of use.

Single speed ropes, are individual ropes for all purpose skipping. They have plastic handles and are made from a durable cord with plastic handles. Fitness and training ropes are like single speed ropes, but have larger handles and heavier cords. Single, long handled speed ropes, are used for performing cross tricks. They have longer handles for easier grip.

Single beaded ropes are for individual jumpers. They have weighted beads to allow the jumper to have a high quality aerobic workout. The colors of the beads are alternated, to provide better visibility for performers. Single half- beaded ropes are the best for indoor and outdoor use. The smaller beads make the rope more flexible and like the regular beaded ropes, the alternation of colors provides more visibility for performers.

Double Dutch speed ropes, are made for group jumping. They are light weight and durable and are most often used for speed contests. Double Dutch cloth ropes, are easier to control that speed ropes. Since they are made from cloth, they don't bounce off the floor. They are excellent for training and competition stunts. Double Dutch beaded ropes, are for group jumping. They are colorful for added visual effect. They also make a rhythm on the floor for aided routine effect.

After you have decided the purpose of your rope, the next step is to determine the length you need. Lengths for ropes are based on the jumper's height and purpose. For single ropes, there are five different lengths: 7 feet, 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet, and 11 feet. The jumper should choose the correct rope length according to individual height.

Double Dutch ropes come in different sizes, for the different types of rope and the number of jumpers that will jump in them. Double Dutch speed ropes, have six length choices based on the number of jumpers. The proper length should be chosen based on the amount of jumpers that will jump in the rope at the same time.

After you have determined the type of rope and the length, you are ready to buy your jump rope. Whether you are a young kid or an adult, jumping rope can be fun and is a great source of exercise. They are inexpensive and highly beneficial. Get your rope today and get started!

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