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Detroit Tigers all Time Home Run Leaders

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In the history of the Detroit Tigers, more than 30 players have hit at least 100 home runs with the franchise. Among the all-time leaders, three of the top five home run hitters in Detroit Tigers history were members of the team during the 1960s, leading the Tigers' to their 1968 World Series Championship.

Al Kaline: 399 home runs

An elite player who played from 1953 to 1974, Al Kaline is the Detroit Tigers all-time leader in home runs. Al Kaline was a perennial All-Star, making the AL team 18 times. While he was known more as a great hitter than as a great home run hitter, Kaline hit for above-average power over the course of a brilliant 22-year career. While he never reached 30 home runs in a single season, he topped 20 nine times in his career and posted an incredible 19 consecutive seasons in double-digits.

Norm Cash: 373 home runs

First baseman Norm Cash ranks second among Detroit Tigers all-time home run leaders. Cash has a long string of success with the Tigers, playing on the team from 1960 to 1974. For nine consecutive seasons, he hit at least 20 home runs each year, eclipsing 30 five times in his career. His breakout season and best year of his career came in 1961; Cash slugged out 41 home runs and drove in 132 RBI while leading the league in hits and batting average.

Hank Greenberg: 306 home runs

One of the greatest players in team history, Hank Greenberg is the Detroit Tigers third leading home run hitter of all time. Despite missing much of the prime of his career due to World War II, Hank Greenberg had a remarkable career. The two-time MVP led the AL in home runs four times and drove in 150-plus home runs thrice with the Tigers. Greenberg's 58 home runs in 1938 remains the best single-season total in Detroit Tigers history and is one of the ten best home run years in baseball history.

Willie Horton: 262 home runs

A member of the team for most of the 1960s and 1970s, Willie Horton ranks fourth among Detroit Tigers all-time home run leaders. Spending 15 seasons with the club, Horton was a four-time All-Star left fielder for the Tigers. His first full season was one of his best as he finished with 29 home runs and 104 RBI, the latter of which was his highest total in Detroit. Horton was a consistent 15 to 25 home run hitter, reaching a career high of 36 in 1968.

Cecil Fielder: 245 home runs

First baseman Cecil Fielder is the only recent player in the top five home run hitters in Detroit Tigers history. Before joining the Tigers, Fielder played four partial seasons in Toronto with limited success. Then in his first full season in Detroit, he clubbed 51 home runs and finished second in the 1990 AL MVP voting. Fielder played only six and a half seasons with the Tigers, but he led the league in home runs in two of them, homering once in every 15 at-bats in his tenure.

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