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In the game of golf, there are a few famous holes. They have become famous as notable holes on championship golf courses such as Augusta and St Andrews. Or alternatively, simply because of their excellent design and setting. So, here are a few the famous golf holes in the game.

Pebble Beach No 7: 106 yards

Pebble Beach is a fine golf course, set alongside the Pacific Ocean. As such, there are a few notable holes on the golf course. However, one of the most famous is this short par 3 golf hole. It may be a short hole, but it is not an easy one. For this hole plays out into the Pacific, and with the prevailing winds can seem a good deal longer. It has been said that golfers sometimes use mid-irons to reach the green. In addition to this, golfers that over-hit will not find their ball! With two large bunkers on the left and right side, it is important to make the green.

St Andrews Old Course No 17: 455 yards

The St Andrews Old Course is one that is steeped in history. As a championship course that has staged the UK Open, one of its more famous holes is the 17th hole, called the 'road hole'. The 17th hole at St Andrews has been a pitfall for golfers in pursuit of the Claret Jug. Overall, for length it is a long par 4 hole, and it is something of a golfing relic. The hole has some very deep bunkers, such as the road hole bunker on the left side of the fairway.

Augusta National No 12: 155 yards

This par 3 hole is perhaps one of the most notable par 3 holes of the Augusta golf course, and therefore the Master's golf championship. Located on Amen Corner, the hole has a green that is protected by Rae's Creek where a misplaced tee shot can land. The green also has numerous bunkers surrounding the green. In addition to this, the hole includes Ben Hogan's bridge which crosses over the creek.

St Andrews Old Course No 1: 370 yards

The first golf hole of the famous St Andrews old course. This is an historic golf hole, and one that has plenty of thrills. Not the longest of par 4 holes at 370 yards, but the hole can get windy leaving some players short of the green.

Mauna Kea No 3: 210 yards

This spectacular par 3 hole is one that needs a tee shot over the Pacific ocean to reach the green. At 210 yards it is not an easy tee-shot by any means. Overall, set on Hawii the hole is set aside mountains as well as the ocean making it a great golf hole.

So, these are just five famous golf holes in the sport of golf. Holes such as the 1st and 17th at the Old Course, the 3rd hole of Mauna Kea, and the 12th and 7th holes of Augusta and Pebble Beach. They are great golf holes.

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