Golfers that have Won all of the four Major Golf Titles

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"Golfers that have Won all of the four Major Golf Titles"
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There are four major golf championships: the US Open, the Masters, UK Open, and PGA Championship. Only a few golfers have won all of these major championships, and fewer still have done the 'grand slam'. These are the golfers that won all of the four major golf titles.


Nicklaus has won more majors than any golfer before him or since, with 18 in total. As such, it is perhaps not surprising that he has won all the four major titles during his golfing career. Overall, Nicklaus was most successful in the US Masters, which he won a record 6 times.


Woods is the only player of the current era that has been able to win all the four major titles. With 14 in total, he has been most successful in the US Masters. It was the first major he won in his golfing career, and overall Woods has won the Masters four times. Woods was also very close to the golfing grand slam, when he held all the four majors at once. However, they were not all won in the same golf season.


Gary Player is undoubtedly the best non-American golfer to have played – and the only non-American player to have won all of golf's major titles. He was one of the few golfers of his era that was able to successfully challenge the American's dominance of the majors. Overall, the South African won a total of 9 majors, which included 3 Masters titles, and 3 UK Opens. As such, he was also the first golfer to be featured on a country's postal stamp in South Africa.


Ben Hogan won a total of nine majors during his golfing career. These included all of the golfing majors. He was most successful in the US Open, which he won 4 times.


The fifth, and final, player to have done a career grand slam is that of Gene Sarazen. Overall, Sarazen won a total of seven majors. He was most successful in the US PGA championship which he won on three occasions. In addition to this, Sarazen also won the 1935 US Masters, and at Augusta there is the Sarazen bridge on the 15th hole which was named after him for the double eagle he hit at the Masters.

So, these are the golfers that have won all of the four major golf titles. Only the five players of Sarazen, Hogan, Player, Woods, and Nicklaus have achieved this career grand slam. Overall, they are five of the best golfers to have played.

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