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Golf is a great English sport, and there have been some great English golfers. These golfers have been comparable to some of the best American golfers, and won a number of PGA golf championships. Here are a few of these great English golfers.


Vardon was a great English golfer of the late 19th and early 20th century. He won his first golfing Major in 1896 at the British Open. This was the first of many for Vardon, who would set a record for British Open Championship wins. Overall, Vardon won six British Opens which remains a record number. In addition to this, Vardon was one of the first English golfers to win a Major beyond England during his tour of America. Here, he won the US Open among. Aside from his numerous victories at the Majors Vardon also established the Vardon grip. Today, this grip is one of the best established golf club grips in golf. In addition to this, the Vardon Trophy is now given to players on the PGA golf tour who has the best scoring average for the season.


Faldo has been the best English golfer of more recent times, and indeed generally. Faldo first came to prominance during the 1970s when he became the youngest player to have played in a Ryder Cup team in 1977. In the 1980s he won his first Major title at the British Open. Then, Faldo also won two PGA Masters championships, defending the title in 1990. As such, Faldo was well established as the top ranked golfer in the game during the '90s, and went on to win a further three Major titles. Undoubtedly the most successful English golfer in the Majors beyond the UK, Faldo was also one of the best golfers to play for the EU Ryder Cup team. More recently, Faldo has also captained the EU team that was defeated in last Ryder Cup.


Westwood has yet to win a Major but is certainly the best current English golfer, and also in Europe. Currently reaching 3rd in the World Golf Rankings Westwood has gone close to winning both the PGA Masters and British Open recently, finishing second in both. Aside from the Majors, Westwood has won a number of European Tour events, and other notable golf championships such as the World Match Play Championship and McDermott Classic.

So, these are three great English golfers. Vardon, Faldo, and Westwood are three English golfers that have been among the best golfers in the sport during their careers.


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