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How Instant Replay would Change Major League Baseball

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"How Instant Replay would Change Major League Baseball"
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There are many reasons why the instant replay rule would have a profound impact on Major League Baseball. The impact can be positive and negative depending on the perspective of the individual looking at the changes to the sport. Many individuals support the instant replay rule because it will add clarity to difficult calls. Something as simple as calling whether a batter actually swung at a pitch during a pivotal game can be extremely hard to do if the umpire does not have a proper vantage point. An instant replay would allow for a consensus among the umpires on the field, thereby creating an environment for uniformity in the rules of the sport.

Unfortunately, many purist fans do not support the user replay rule being enacted. This is because it takes away from the natural flow of the game. Therefore, if the rule were abused, several calls can be questioned throughout a game slowing down game play and causing players to become aggravated with the reduction in the speed of the game. Furthermore, the instant replay rule could lead to a downturn in attendance because fans do not want to sit through long discussions over certain plays. While this is entirely unlikely, certain individuals in professional baseball management would take advantage of the rule for their team. It would also be difficult to designate who has the final authority in the interpretation of a reply.

If for example there are three umpires encouraged to make the call, it is possible to still have a split in the decision as to whether a call is correct or not. Players will feel more on edge because every move they made during a game can be analyzed and the pressure on the players will be more substantial. History is made based on the ability of players to react to certain situations. When the interpretation of a player’s reaction is given to individuals, who are allowed to take a second look at a play history can be rewritten. Certainly, pitchers can benefit from the instant replay rule because the definition of the strike zone would be defined to a greater degree.

It would also be easier to learn which umpires call strikes in what position of the strike zone. However, part of the fascination with the sport of baseball is leaving difficult calls in the hands of the umpires so that fans have something to debate when they look back in history. The instant replay rule would slow down the production of debatable moments in the history of the game of baseball.

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