How the Undertaker could Feud with Bill Goldberg following a Heel Turn in 2011

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"How the Undertaker could Feud with Bill Goldberg following a Heel Turn in 2011"
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When it comes to the idea of a “win streak” in regards to the sport of professional wrestling, there are immediately two names which spring to the mind of modern day wrestling fans. Those two names are none other than The Undertaker whom has never lost a match at WrestleMania and thus has the longest standing streak in wrestling history, and Bill Goldberg whom during his run with World Championship Wrestling endured a win streak of 173 victories since his successful debut. Exactly how could these two wrestling legends see a feud which carries them into WrestleMania in 2011?

In recent months, Bill Goldberg has been vocal about the fact that he would like a one off return to the WWE for one more match. Goldberg seemingly has not lost any shape to his phenomenal body, nor has he seemingly aged at all since his WWE days came to an end in 2004. He is also still in his forties as is The Undertaker and this in its own right raises the potential for these two wrestling legends to endure a feud in the 2010 year leading into the new 2011 year. With The Undertaker currently feuding with his brother, Kane, this actually opens the door for Goldberg to return also as he has also feuded with Kane over the same world heavyweight championship that The Undertaker is right now.

A Bill Goldberg return to the World Wrestling Entertainment promotion would be huge, especially in the current PG era of the product. Throughout WCW, Goldberg was a huge fan favorite especially with the younger generation of kids, just as The Undertaker is today. Both men have endured similar careers that have culminated in similar win streaks and as of 2010, they are currently sharing a feud with a man that both of them have feuded with in the past. The similarities are too many to pass by. Should The Undertaker turn heel following his feud with Kane and embark on a warpath, one man that would arguably tear down the house at WrestleMania with “The Deadman” is none other than Bill Goldberg.

With Goldberg’s recent comments in regards to a potential return to the WWE and with The Undertaker currently lost in the most personal feud of his career, all the signs point to the fact that if this match could ever happen, 2011’s WrestleMania would be the perfect stage for one of the most iconic “dream feuds” of all time. Exactly who would prevail in a feud between The Undertaker and Bill Goldberg and following The Undertaker’s feud with Kane, could the wrestling world actually find the answer to such a question sooner than it realizes?

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