How to Make a Shepherds Sling

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A sling, which is also known as a ‘shepherd’s sling, is an ancient times weapon that was used widely for battles and fighting. This weapon was created to be used as a type of slingshot, where a stone or hard projectile would be fired to an enemy. A shepherds sling is made up of two strings with a pouch or pocket in the middle. This pocket is where the projectile would be slung from and it is relatively easy to create a replica of this ancient weapon.

Begin by finding some nylon rope. You can purchase this from fabric stores, online or you may already possess some in your household. Cut the rope into two pieces, each two feet long. Next, you will need to find some tough material that can be used for the pouch or pocket. This may be in the form of leather or a heavy, thick piece of cloth. Cut the material into an oval shape that is sized about 3 by 5 inches. Fold the tough material in half and ensure it is symmetrical by cutting it.

Strings will need to be poked through the pouch material and so you will need to punch some holes into the material. This can be done with a paper puncher, scissors or a knife. Take the nylon rope that you measured earlier and slip the rope through one hole to the other. Tie into a tight knot to prevent the rope from coming away from the pouch. Do this until both pieces of rope are attached to the pouch through the holes you have created.

To complete the shepherd’s sling, you will need to ensure it is stable to use. With the nylon rope attached to the leather pouch (or whatever material you have opted for), you should tie two large knots on the ends of the nylon rope. This is so that you can have a steady grip on the shepherd’s sling. Once done, you should hold the rope at this point with the knot between your thumb and finger.

Your shepherd’s sling should now be complete! Test it out by inserting something like a pebble into the pouch. Be careful not to hurt anyone with hard objects and do not direct the shepherd’s sling into a busy, public space. This should be created for fun and all necessary health and safety requirements should be concentrated on completely.

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