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How you get your name on Display at us Cellular Field in Chicago Illinois

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"How you get your name on Display at us Cellular Field in Chicago Illinois"
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As a fan of the Chicago White Sox you may wonder how to get your name or message displayed on the scoreboard at the stadium U.S, Cellular field. The process to go through is as easy as buting ticket actually, it is just a matter of making payment and placing a request. Whether you simply want your name to appear in lights or you have a special message the White Sox can acoomodate your desires at a reasonable rate. What follows is a brief overview of the rules, process, pricing, and proper contact information to make your idea come to life and get your name on the U.S. Cellular field scoreboard display.

The first thing to know is the White Sox do have some rules in place regarding content. While you can just put up your name or choose something more elaborate such as happy birthday, get well, sentiments expressing appreciation for a good job, or a welcome home message, it may not contain any language which is deemed to be foul, obscene, offensive, or questionable. The White Sox reserve the right to refuse or edit any message. Messages can be up to seventy five charachters in length including spaces and punctuation remarks so you have plenty of space to work with to get your message out. As the U.S. Cellular field scoreboard is a popular means for many people to display a message it is adviseable to make your request as early as possible as they do limit the number of requests the will put up and they are taken on a first come first served basis. It is worth noting weekend games, nationally televised games, and those which are heavily attended such as divisional rivalry games or especially interleague games against the Cubs get a ton of requests so order these as soon as possible, even so early as the day the new seasons schedule is released.

The cost of putting a message up in lights is $55.00 and all scoreboard requests must be submitted at least two business days in advance of weekday games, and three business days in advance of weekend games to give them an opportunity to approve and process the message. Once your request has been approved your credit card will be charged and you will receive an email confirming payment and your message. Be sure to review this for acccuracy and retain it for your records as a general rule of thumb. The message itself will appear on the large scoreboard so it will be seen easily and look fantastic!

In order to place your order you can go one of two routes, either e-mail which also serves as a contact point for any questions you may have concerning scoreboard related issues, or you can go to the Chicago White Sox official homepage and make your request via their easy online form. At this point they do not provide any information concerning procedures for phone or personal visit orders. The web submission they provide however is easy to find off their main page and the order form is very easy to follow.

Whether you just want to see your name alone up in lights or you want a great way to say happy birthday or anniversary in a unique manner that sure beats a greeting card you will find placing it on the White Sox U.S. Cellular Field scoreboard a great option. Who doesn't like feeling a little extra special now and then?

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