Hunting Tips how to Reduce or Hide your Scent

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"Hunting Tips how to Reduce or Hide your Scent"
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How to hide your scent when hunting is a very important aspect of hunting that often time people forget to do before they enter into the woods for a day of deer hunting. Now there are many products on the market for masking or eliminating human scent from body soaps shampoos to laundry detergent and dryer sheets and you cant forget the multitude of sprays. Which i have found to work rather well and are good products but one of the most overlooked ways for masking or hiding your scent is one of the oldest and i have found it to work just as well as the products available in stores. A few days before you go hunting go into the woods with some trash bags and a shovel fill the trash bags about half way with some leaves dirt pine needles whatever is in the area you hunt in take the bags home and put your hunting clothes inside of the bags and let them lay outside for a few days with your clothing inside of the bags with the leaves and dirt the fabric in the clothing will absorb the scent from the dirt and leaves and after a few days in the bags your hunting clothing will smell like the woods you hunt in. Then the day you go hunting wash your self with a unscented soap and shampoo and use unscented deodorant then put on some comfortable clothes and load up to go hunting but don't forget the trash bags with your hunting clothes in them. Don't take the clothing out of the bags or put them on until you reach the area you are going to park your vehicle because one of the things a lot of people forget is they go to all the trouble of trying to make themselves and their cloths free from human scent they often forget that their car or truck smells like a human on the inside so all of the work they did eliminating scent from their clothing just goes to waste when they enter their vehicle while wearing their hunting clothing.

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