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Kevin Thorn is a professional wrestler best known for his tenure in World Wrestling Entertainment in the company's Extreme Championship Wrestling brand. Thorn had a spot on the roster as being one of the brand's original newly-created characters. Kevin Thorn did in fact have another minor role in the WWE in 2004 as a character known as "Mordecai", a religious character that spoke during his vignettes that God had told him to rid the world of sin.

Mordecai was easily recognizable for his all-white appearance. Not only his entrance attire, but also his wrestling gear and even his hair and beard were dyed pure white in order to signal the sign of purity following the traditional Bible sense that white is the sign of purity. The Mordecai character was given plenty of hype and the rumors even circulated that he was going to engage in a gothic-esque style feud with The Undertaker whom had recently returned to his "Deadman" gimmick.

Mordecai went on to make his debut for the WWE's Smackdown brand in May of 2004 during the WWE's annual Judgment Day pay per view where he went on to defeat Scotty 2 Hotty. After his win, he continued to appear in vignettes and interviews where he would condemn main event caliber wrestlers in attempts to get over to the main event status. However, the WWE subsequently removed Mordecai from the roster and sent him back to development, despite making a good impression.

He continued to use the Mordecai gimmick in training until he was released from the company in 2005. He would return to the company in 2006 however a as vampire known as Kevin Thorn alongside his valet, Shelley Martinez known then as Ariel. This would arguably be his most successful gimmick as he consistently worked as an upper midcard and main event caliber wrestler for the WWE's ECW brand throughout the original storylines of the brand.

However, Kevin Thorn was once again released from his contract in 2009 and he is subsequently working on the Independent circuit under his original Kevin Thorn gimmick as a vampire. As a young and talented wrestler, Thorn could easily see a return to the big leagues in the near future, likely as his Kevin Thorn vampire character. Of course, a Mordecai return should not ever be ruled out of the question. Just what direction would his career had taken if the WWE had continued to hype and let him use the Mordecai gimmick?

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