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The 1990s had some very good soccer players. Generally the best players were more forward players, but then there were a few very good defensive players as well.


Brazil's Ronaldo first started scoring the goals for PSV, before he played for Barcelona. At this great club, he scored a lot of goals and arguably was the most potent striker in the game. With Inter Milan and then later Real Madrid he continued to prove that he undoubtedly was the best striker of his era. For Brazil, he became first choice striker and spearheaded their attack, scoring goals that took Brazil to the '98 World Cup final Largely, his pace was considerable. Then however, he was also a great dribbler of the ball and like most Brazil players had sound technique.


Zidane was the French midfield maestro, and was the best midfield player in the 1990s. Playing for Juventus, he won a European Cup and a number of other titles. Then for France, he won the World Cup with two goals in the final. Later, Zidane also won a European Championship. In a star studded Real Madrid team, he would win further honours before leaving the game. Ultimately, Zidane had superb technique and skill. Likewise, he was a great set-piece taker and linked attack with midfield.


Romario was another great Brazilian player of the era. Largely, was at his best in the earlier 1990s, for PSV and when he starred in Barcelona's league winning team. Then in 1994 he spearheaded Brazil's attack, and was the best player of the World Cup which Brazil won of course. As always, Romario was a Brazilian player that had great skill and technique.

Del Piero:

Del Piero is an Italian forward who played for Juventus throughout the 1990s. Here, he won the European Cup (and was top scorer in the Euro Cup twice) and numerous league titles, overall scoring a record 254 goals for Juventus. For Italy he played in the '98 World Cup. Overall, a very flexible forward player, who can drop back a bit as well as push forward. Also a great free kick scorer.

Van der Sar:

To include a goal keeper, Van Der Sar was perhaps the best and most consistent of the era. With Ajax, he won the Champions League and other honours. A short spell with Juventus would follow. With Holland, he has 130 caps. Was perhaps the best goal keeper of the 1990s.


Was quite possibly the best defender of the 1990s. With Milan, won the European Cup amongst other honours, and then later made a World Cup final with Italy; overall, showed great consistency for both club and country.

Overall, they are perhaps some of the best players of the 1990s. They were great players for both club and country.

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