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Texas is the cheerleading capital of the world, so it would be expected that the state hosts many regional and national cheerleading competitions. Even if you're not a competing cheerleader, these Texas cheerleading competitions are worth taking a look at.

Cheer America National Competition

Cheer America is one of the most diverse cheerleading competitions, with divisions ranging from preschool to adult. They also have a division just for cheerleading squads whose members have special needs. The Cheer America nationals are held in Houston, while San Antonio will be one of five hosts of the first International All-Level Championships.

International All-Levels Championship

San Antonio's Alamodome is one of the hosts of the International All-Levels Championships. This is a fairly new competition, and was created by a group of many cheerleading associations, including Cheer America and Varsity (the leaders in cheerleading, to which the UCA and NCA belong). Cheerleading squads from across the nation will attend this three-day competition, so it should be a good show.


The Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) and National Cheerleaders Association are two of the most prestigious names in cheerleading competitions- many of their cheer and dance events are nationally televised throughout the year. Several UCA and NCA competitions are held each year in Texas, including the Texas State Championship (San Marcos), All Star Championship (Fort Worth), and Battle of the Sun City Spirit Championship. Spectators at these events are guaranteed to see some of the most elite competitive cheerleading squads, guaranteeing tons of entertainment.

American Cheer and Dance Academy

Another competition with a wide range of divisions is American Cheer and Dance Academy (ACDA), including all-star, public school, recreational, college cheerleading, and partner stunts. American Cheer and Dance Academy has organized competitions since 1991, and their events are known for attracting many teams each year. The "Reach the Beach Gulf of Mexico Nationals" is held in Galveston, TX.

Worldwide Spirit Association

One of the best features of Worldwide Spirit Association's competitions is that spectator admission is free. The saying "you get what you pay for" doesn't apply here, because Worldwide Spirit Association (WSA) competitions are some of the most fun to attend- the teams are very talented, and the division battles get fierce. WSA has three types of competitions: championships, nationals, and grand nationals. One of the WSA Championships is held in Houston, while Corpus Christi hosts a Grand National competition.

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