Tips for Picking the best Place to Pitch a Tent when Camping

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"Tips for Picking the best Place to Pitch a Tent when Camping"
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Camping does not mean that you have to give up comfort in order to experience the great outdoors. In fact, you will probably learn more about yourself and the people around you because camping involves teamwork and critical thinking, as well as common sense. Pitching a tent in the right location is perhaps one of the determining factors of your comfort level for the next few nights. The following tips will help you figure out which places are great for pitching a tent, so that your camping trip is as comfortable and as worthy of the camping experience as possible.

The spot on which you pitch your tent will largely be determined by the weather, season, and climate.

Hot season

For hot or warmer seasons, such as spring and summer, it is best to choose a place that is shady and will allow plenty of airflow, especially if the campsite is humid. Try to find a place under a tree on which the ground is fairly level. It is sometimes difficult to find a good place to pitch a tent under a tree because of the tree's root system. It may be bothersome to your back (unless you have one of those special camping beds). For that reason, try to find tall shrubbery or bushes that have a dent or crevice in them. Try to place your tent, if it is small enough, against the shrubbery/bushes. This will not only keep you warm but will also provide you insulation against some unwanted wind.

For campsites near the beach, try to find a place that has few rocks. If there are rocks, remove them. Place the tent as far away from the beach as possible. The sand can be quite hot, even at night when it is releasing the heat, so it is important that your tent is on regular ground.

For campsites in the desert, try finding a place that is shady, as described earlier. For campsites in the forest/woods, try to find an open area, preferably near your fire pit.

Cold season

For colder seasons, it is best to choose a place that will keep you as warm as possible and away from cool winds. Again, try to find shrubbery that will act as a windbreaker. Even a large tree will do the trick. If there is wind, try to find the direction of the wind and place the opening of your tent towards the direction that the wind is going.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the most comfortable place on which to pitch your tent the next time you go camping.

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