Where are the best Seats for the Datona 500

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"Where are the best Seats for the Datona 500"
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The Daytona 500 is one of NASCAR’s most famous races and to have a good seat to watch is the dream of every NASCAR fan.  But where are the best seats at the Daytona International Speedway?  Well that depends on what you are looking for in your NASCAR experience. There are several choices that appeal to people: being down at trackside, being up in the grandstand or sitting at home in front of the big screen tv.  There is no right or wrong choice between these seats, it just depends on what is right for you.

Having a seat at track-side is definitely an experience never to be forgotten.  You can feel the rumble of the ground as the cars race around the track giving you a feeling of being in motion.  The cars will flash by in a rainbow of colors that is every changing and continues to change patterns throughout the race.  The rush of the breezes off the cars will wash over you as the cars go by and the heat of the track will radiate to you as you watch the race. The only downside to sitting track-side is that it is impossible to see the entire track during the race due to motor homes in the infield and media towers.

If you decide that you want to see the entire track you will want to start looking at the towers and the grandstand rows above row 21.  Rows 22 and above will let you see pretty much all of the track if not all of it.  Many experienced NASCAR fans will tell you that the best place to is above the start/finish line.  These seats are not near as expensive as the tower seats. Some fans favor the front stretch to make sure that they see the beginning and the end of the race, while others favor the continuous excitement of the backstretch.

The towers at Daytona International Speedway offer the best seats with a full view of the race track from start to finish. The best towers to watch the Daytona 500 from are the Earnhardt, Nextel,or Petty towers with the Nextel favored because it is in the center.  The tower seats face the front stretch over the start/finish line and you can see all the excitement as the first place car flashes across the finish line.  The other towers such as the Keech have limited viability.The downside to tower seats is the price.  These tickets can be quite expensive and can be difficult to get.

And for some people the best seat is at home watching the action from the big screen tv.  Not everyone can afford the trip to Daytona International Speedway to watch the Daytona 500.  And watching from home does have some perks, it is free to watch the race, snacks and drinks are much less expensive, it doesn't matter what the weather is like and the tv makes sure that you don't miss anything. Kicking back in your recliner is not a bad way to watch the race, so this is the best seat for some fans.

No matter which way you chose to watch the Daytona 500, the best seat is going to be the one you are sitting in.  If you get a chance to go to the race live, you will have an experience that will last you a lifetime no matter where you sit. As with most activities in life, getting to be there in person is something special.  But, if circumstances work against you're being able to be there in person, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the Daytona 500 at home.

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