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"Where to Learn to Ski in Colorado"
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The next time you visit a Colorado ski area; have a chat with some of the ski instructors. You will discover that they come from all parts of the globe. Some have even abandoned lucrative careers, simply to become a Colorado ski instructor. Their love of the sport makes Colorado a great place to learn to ski.

Here's some insider's information about Colorado ski instructors. To obtain certification, American instructors must pass what is called the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) exam. There are three levels to the test. Level III is the highest. However, most ski instructors know that the Colorado Rockies exam is one of the most challenging PSIA exams in the country. Therefore, a Level II instructor in Colorado might be the equivalent of a Level III somewhere else.

To enhance their skills, throughout the winter season, many Summit County, Colorado ski instructors meet on Tuesday evenings for movement analysis sessions, where they observe videos of local skiers and comment on how they could improve their skills. These sessions are not required, but many instructors attend out of love for the sport. Fortunately, some of the local ski areas also have the perfect terrain for learning to ski in Colorado.

For example, the Union Creek area of Copper Mountain is a separated area for new skiers. The terrain is so basic that intermediate and advanced skiers never visit this part of the mountain. As such, you can learn to ski in this area without worrying about advanced skiers zooming past you. Multi-day lift, equipment and learning packages are available.

New skiers will also find excellent learning terrain and economical learning packages at Breckenridge. The runs off of the Quicksilver Lift, especially the Silverthorne Run, are particularly friendly to novices. Furthermore, these are fairly long runs, which give you more time to experiment with your skills. The Quicksilver Lift itself is very user friendly.

Although it is not in Summit County, nearby Loveland make new skiers an offer they can't refuse: Purchase a three-session beginner lesson package and receive a free season pass! Once you go beyond the first three sessions at any ski resort, you'll need to think about equipment rental. Here's another insider secret. Rentals are always more expensive at the resort. In Summit County, visit Virgin Island Ski Rentals in Silverthorne. They have the best equipment at the best prices.

Speaking of equipment, the folks at the Ski School of Aspen understand the importance of proper boot fit. As such, their Beginner's Magic Program offers custom fitted boots, high quality equipment and elite instruction. This is a truly magical learn-to-ski program!

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