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"Who is the Biggest Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair - Flair"
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Although most people would not give this question a second thought due to their lack of interest in Professional Wrestling, this will be a tough one for me. Hulk Hogan is, and will always be, my favorite wrestler of all time. He was never the best wrestler, his most recent endeavors and publicity is embarrassing, and we all know that he took steroids in his prime. With all of that said, there is absolutely no question that Ric Flair is the biggest wrestling legend of all time. There have been many great names in the wrestling business over the years including: Verne Gagne, Bruno Sammartino, Eddie Graham, Dory Funk, and Lou Thesz just to name a handful. Mr.Ric Flair out shined them all during his long and illustrious career. Hogan, many say revolutionized the sport and single handedly (my apologies to Vince McMahon Jr.) changed the sport into an entertainment venue. He always had the big publicity, the movies, and the "Babe Ruth" quality about him, but it was Flair that was always out front, title around his waist, microphone in his face, touting his next match and bad mouthing his opponent.

A sixteen time world champion that had some of the greatest matches of all time with opponents like Ricky Steamboat, Sting, Dusty Rhodes, and even his last match with Shawn Michaels. Flair was always "The Man" and as he has always said "To be the man, you have to beat the man!". He has carried himself over the years in the ring as "the dirtiest player in the game", but behind the scenes he has always given his insights and help to his fellow competitors.

Hogan was never known for his backstage influence or even for being much of a friend except to a chosen few. This also plays a big part to the legend tag. To be a true legend, you have to out there every night and leave it all in the ring, have the respect for your peers to take the fall for them when the situation calls for it, and leave your mark on the business in front of and behind the cameras. Ric Flair did it all, either wrestling on his own or as part of the most dominant forces in the sport. As the leader of the "Four Horsemen", Flair led the NWA in their illustrious history and provided some of the great wrestling moments of all time.

In "Evolution", he joined HHH, Batista and Randy Orton as they tore through the WWE and anyone that stood in their path. Hulk Hogan has his place in wrestling history and no one can take it away from him. His Wrestlemania III match with Andre the Giant, his NWO turn in WCW, and his last great match (in my opinion) versus the Rock at Wrestlemania XVIII, are all great moments in the world of sports entertainment, but Richard Morgan Fliehr has "figure-foured" the wrestling scene for over 30 years, beat them all and never looked back. He truly is the greatest wrestling legend of all time and only one word can sum it up...WOOOOOO!

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