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Who Scored the most Points for the Milwaukee Bucks

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"Who Scored the most Points for the Milwaukee Bucks"
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The Milwaukee Bucks struck gold in the second and third years of franchise existence. After entering the league in 1968, the Bucks found themselves with the number one draft pick who happened to be the most coveted player of all time: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The combination of Abdul-Jabbar in the middle, solid forward Bob Dandridge and perhaps the game's greatest point guard in Oscar Robertson drove the Bucks all the way to the 1970-71 NBA title. That was Milwaukee's lone finals appearance despite making the playoffs 26 times in 46 seasons. Only the Lakers and Celtics won more games than the Bucks in the 1980s. Milwaukee won five division titles and made the playoffs every season during that decade. Numerous great players spent time in Milwaukee and most forced trades or fled to free agency including Abdul-Jabbar, Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson. As a result no player has ever scored more than 14,211 points in a Bucks uniform.

Those 14,211 points naturally belong to the NBA's all-time scoring leader Abdul-Jabbar. The center put them up in only six seasons (1969-75) and the Hall of Famer had phenomenal numbers. He never scored less than 27.0 ppg in a season and led the league in scoring at 31.7 in 1970-71 and 34.8 in 1971-72. The NBA had never experienced anything like his fabled sky hook. Abdul-Jabbar is so identified with the purple and gold of the Lakers that his Milwaukee achievements are often overlooked. Not only was he named Rookie of the Year and a six-time All-Star in Milwaukee, Abdul-Jabbar was league MVP three consecutive years and Finals MVP.

The Bucks nabbed the top draft pick in 1994 and selected Glenn Robinson from Purdue. Big Dog spent eight years (1994-2002) in Milwaukee and racked up 12,010 points in what was often an unhappy tenure. The 6'7" forward averaged 20 plus ppg in seven seasons with a 23.4 high in 1977-98. The two-time All-Star experienced knee problems curtailing his career. Robinson picked up a championship ring in 2005 while sitting on the San Antonio Spurs bench.

Sidney Moncrief was the mainstay of those excellent 1980s teams. Drafted number five from Arkansas, the 6'3" guard played 10 seasons (1979-89) for Milwaukee totaling 11,594 points. The five-time All-Star topped at 22.5 in 1982-83 among his four seasons at 20 plus. Beyond his scoring ability, Moncrief was a renown on defense and named defensive Player of the Year two consecutive seasons.

Michael Redd was plucked out of the 2nd round (43rd overall selection) from Ohio State and became the franchise player for a time. The 6'6" guard was an exceptional three-point shooter which accounted for many of his 11,554 points over 11 seasons (2000-11) in Milwaukee. He enjoyed five consecutive seasons of 20 plus with a 26.7 high in 2006-07. The All-Star played in just 61 games his final three seasons in Milwaukee. Redd was never the same player after severely tearing the ACL and MCL in his right knee. He played one more season off the bench for Phoenix.

Bob Dandridge was a rock solid 6'6" swingman as good at defending as scoring. And he was a 4th round pick (45th overall) steal from Norfolk State. The three-time All-Star was a Buck for nine seasons (1969-77) and scored 11,478 points. His season high was 21.5 in 1975-76. Dandridge won a second NBA championship as a member of the Washington Bullets.

The Bucks had success in selecting another John Wooden coached player. Marques Johnson was taken 3rd from UCLA and gave Milwaukee 10,980 points in seven seasons (1977-83). The 6'7" swingman scored 20 plus six seasons with a 25.5 high in 1978-79. The four-time All-Star suffered a neck injury shortening his career. Johnson finished his career at Golden State.

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