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Why is Paintball so Popular

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"Why is Paintball so Popular"
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Paintball is a game of speed, action, and sometimes fear. It is the fear of being shot, although it is a non-lethal bullet, the fear of being hit by a paintball scares people. This fear however is what brings people in. Everyone loves the thought of sneaking up on your best friend and shooting them, while not hurting them except for a small paintball mark.

For some reason anything that involves war where lives are not taken, people are attracted to in large numbers. Paintball is a great example of this, but quickly I will state another. The video game Socom is another great example. Every night there are at least 5,000 players, all shooting each other through a video game. This is the same idea behind paintball, only you live it for real with the fear of a real bullet. However obviously the paintball is the bullet. People that play love the sneaking, shooting, and even fear that comes with the game of paintball. I personally play and love paintball, so I can back this claim up. The thing that keeps me coming back to paintball is just that. It's the competition of not being shot, while taking down your opponent.

Paintball also offers a lot of different, fun and exciting games, which contribute to the numbers that play. There are different styles of play as well. There is the normal outdoors in the woods style, and then the indoor, close quarters, speed paintball. In side of these types of games are mini games you can play. There is capture the flag, team paintball, and many other games that can be played. The excitement of playing these games with the excitement of being shot or shooting people, add to the amount of people that play. It is the amount of variety that ultimately helps the game the most.

Paintball is no doubt an extremely exciting game with very little risk. The only risk taken while playing paintball is a mark from being hit. This is what attracts people to go out and shoot each other with out the consequences. When games are added, paintball becomes an incredible thrill. People keep coming back for more because of all the excitement you can get from the game. Paintball also brings groups of people together, so it is a great chance to get together with friends and play an extreme game of paintball. The game has also grown in popularity in a higher level lately. What I mean by that is there are now professional leagues that play, and even sometimes air on ESPN.

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